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Peppermint is another essential oil that can make you more alert and attentive. Research found that peppermint works by increasing beta waves, the brainwave state associated with concentration and memory.

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Chew peppermint gum or mints, drink peppermint tea, or sniff peppermint essential oil for an immediate memory boost. But taking an unfamiliar route activates the cortex and hippocampus. Astoundingly, this includes main routes, 25, streets, and the location of 20, landmarks. Adults who speak more than one language are likely to have a better working memory and memorization skills.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the exploding billion-dollar brain fitness industry. The experts are still on the fence as to whether brain training makes you better only at playing brain games or whether the benefits translate to an overall improvement in mental function. This book is the granddaddy of brain exercise, written in when few people were talking about brain fitness.

One of Dr. Kids who learn to play an instrument develop better memories and higher IQs than kids with no musical training. Seniors with dementia seem to be brought in touch with their emotions when they listen to their favorite music. Or sign up for a free trial of Focus Will which offers scientifically engineered music channels for enhancing focus based on your personality type. The average person has a non-stop flow of 50, to 70, thoughts per day.

Over 1, published studies have demonstrated the health benefits of meditation. When you stop learning, some parts of your brain start to atrophy while unused neural connections wither away. In fact, physical exercise could be the most important thing you do to keep your brain in shape, even more important than using it to think! Just as regular exercise builds bigger muscles and a stronger heart, it also increases brain volume.

Walking increases oxygen, encourages the growth of new brain cells, offsets brain shrinkage, and promotes connectivity between brain cells. Two hours of walking per week can measurably increase hippocampus volume. If you need a little motivation, consider getting a personal fitness tracker or app that measures your mileage or counts your steps. These ancient exercises increase brain volume while improving memory and thinking.

The top yoga poses for better concentration include the eagle pose, the prayer pose, and the warrior III pose.

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Exercising outdoors, more so than indoor exercise, increases vitality, enthusiasm, pleasure, and self-esteem while lowering tension, depression, and fatigue. Having houseplants is another good way to bring nature inside. But there are some other lifestyle factors and habits that can dramatically boost your memory as well. According to the Penn State Hershey Sleep Research and Treatment Center, skimping on just one night of sleep affects your mental performance as much as being legally drunk. Food choices, stress levels, caffeine consumption, light exposure, and other lifestyle factors play a role in how well you sleep.

This is bad news for your brain since y our brain uses a disproportionate amount of oxygen and brain cells can live only a few minutes without it. You can maximize your oxygen intake with each breath by practicing diaphragmatic belly breathing. Then slowly inhale through your nose, concentrating on keeping your chest still while expanding your stomach.

Image courtesy of Amanda Soto, Washington Post. As little as ten minutes of conversation with a friend results in measurable memory improvement. A large study found that over-the-counter OTC antihistamines, pain relievers, sleep aids, and remedies for acid reflux significantly increase your risk of dementia.

See 1. But there actually are no shortcuts. This is how stuff is made memorable. Use an acronym to remember the names of the Great Lakes Image courtesy of Wikipedia. Use an acrostic to remember the names of the planets. Practice using the mind palace the next time you have to pick up a few items at the grocery store. Lists are used in a variety of occupations such as surgeons, pilots, and emergency workers. If people in these high-responsibility, high-stress occupations rely on checklists, maybe you should too. Mind mapping is a non-linear way to take notes that can help you learn and remember better than conventional note taking.

Mind mapping is sometimes described as a tree with the main ideas represented as branches and topics of lesser importance represented as twigs. A basic mind map Courtesy of MindMapping. A complex mind map Courtesy of LearningFundamentals. First, adopt a brain-healthy lifestyle, the foundation of a fit and resilient brain and a good memory. Second, utilize the same time-honored memory techniques used by people with exceptional memories. Simply put, your brain is constantly changing.

All 36 tips and techniques are based on time-tested results and the latest scientific evidence. What You'll Learn Here. Are you The right brain supplement can help reverse all this.

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Any supplement we endorse must be effective, safe, and a good value. Action Steps Add these foods to your grocery shopping list and make them a regular part of your diet. Action Steps Clear your kitchen of any foods that list trans fats or partially hydrogenated fats on the label.

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Next, stop using processed vegetable oils like soy and canola oil. Music Engineered to Boost Your Work Performance No matter what kind of work you do, custom-crafted music will help you do it better. Action Steps Drink caffeine in moderation. Here in the US, moderate drinking means one daily drink for women and two for men.

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If you already take a multi, make sure the one you are taking is of the highest quality. Action Steps Do your homework before taking any memory supplement. Not all of the above supplements are a good fit for everyone. Magnesium Threonate Supplements. As a result, the hippocampus of a London cabby is significantly larger than average. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details.

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About Karl Albrecht. Karl Albrecht. Karl Albrecht is an executive management consultant, coach, futurist, lecturer, and author of more than 20 books on professional achievement, organizational performance, and business strategy. He is listed as one of the Top Thought Leaders in business on the topic of leadership. He is a recognized expert on cognitive styles and the development of advanced thinking skills. His books Social I Dr. The Mensa society presented him with its lifetime achievement award, for significant contributions by a member to the understanding of intelligence.