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Become an Extraordinary Leader

And why not? The point of a progress report is to point out where you need to make progress. Not if you want to be an extraordinary leader. As humans we all have our inherent weaknesses.

Become an Extraordinary Leader

The importance of strengths is hardly a new idea. Peter Drucker was writing about it nearly 50 years ago, and over the last decade it has come back in vogue.

Yet the practical application of that idea remains elusive. Improving weaknesses is intuitive and straightforward. To display greater honesty or integrity, for instance, is a matter of following through on commitments, leading by example, demonstrating ethical resolve in adverse circumstances.

Developing weak technical skills is a matter of attending training classes, reading relevant publications, taking on job assignments in which you can hone your expertise, and so on. And what should an honest person do: act more honestly? Creating any profound leadership strength requires a more thoughtful approach.

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At a very broad level, here are three principles to focus on as you work to develop strengths:. Of course, there are times to work on weaknesses when they really get in your way.

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Give them the attention they deserve. Managing yourself. Scott Edinger. We build on our knowledge by reading blog posts like this, books, or enrolling in workshops or leadership development courses. Skill Skill is the application of knowledge. Experience Experience happens when we use and continually develop our knowledge and skills repeatedly over time.

7 Tips to Becoming an Extraordinary Manager

Wisdom comes from experience. When we use our knowledge and skills, applying them toward our experiences, our competent grows.

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With greater competence come a greater ability to successfully accomplish our goals as leaders, and as we accomplish more opportunities for greater challenges open up to us as well. Competence is the root that puts us on the path to leadership opportunities.

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Competence provides us the confidence to have the mindset of an extraordinary leader. When combined with other characteristics and skills, such as communication, negotiation, emotional intelligence, etc. Your email address will not be published.