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What am I waiting for? For how long shall I postpone my conversion to Islam? The Prophet told him that conversion to Islam meant that all his past sins were forgiven by Almighty Allah. Nevertheless, at the insistence of the sincerely repenting Khalid. With Khalid ibn AI-Waleed joining the camp of believers he found the honourable cause to fight for, and the believers gained a true military genius who was both an excellent strategist and a fierce fighter and army commander.

Khalid Bin Al-Waleed: Sword of Allah

The reason for sending these fighters was that the Byzantine rulers in the Syrian region had killed some Muslim missionaries and converts to Islam; thus, proving their hostility not only to the Faith, but also, and even worse, to the principle of freedom of belief which Islam considers to be the most important cause for which a believer should fight and stand. The Byzantine army proved to be too large in number in comparison with the small number of the Muslims.

Yet, the Muslim army never hesitated to enter the battle everyone hoping to find his way to Paradise and the Pleasure of Allah through martyrdom. In the beginning Khalid refused because he felt Thabit was more worthy of leading the army due to his age and service to Islam. The only way to save the day was to retreat, but that was almost impossible, since the Muslim army was surrounded.

For, despite the extreme difficulty of the situation, he reshuffled the right and left flanks of the Muslim army and introduced forward a division from the rear in order to cast fear in the hearts of the disbelieves who then thought that fresh reinforcements had arrived. Though clever planning and courageous fighting, Khalid managed to make an opening within the lines of the enemy through which the Muslim army managed to get out safely. We are told in Sahih Al-Bukhari that our hero used seven swords that all broke in that battle.

The first crisis that met the new Caliph was that of mass apostasy and the apostates in the Peninsula. It is true that many people did not reject the Faith, but they only refused to pay Zakat. To Abu Bakr?? There also appeared imposters who claimed prophet hood like Musaylimah.

The crisis was a great one indeed, and the Muslim community was in the danger of annihilation, without a swift and decisive action on the part of the Caliph. He divided the army into eleven divisions with a commander for each. One of those divisions was put under the command of our hero Khalid ibn AI-Waleed, who won all the battles entered by his army.

But the most dangerous to be met with was that in which the Muslims had to fight Musaylimah the Imposter and the Liar, who formed the largest army of apostates. The Caliph chose Khalid for the assignment of fighting Musaylimah.

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In the beginning, a large number of the Muslims were killed. Seeing that.

Khalid went up to the top of a nearby hill and studied the situation to discover the weak spots of the enemy. He then re-organized his army.

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The battle raged furiously and Musaylimah was killed. With that Khalid finished off the danger of apostasy and apostates in the Arabian Peninsula.

He devised remarkable war strategies which can be a great lesson for Muslim Ummah. He was always victorious and was greatly loved and blessed by Allah. The knowledge of his character can help Muslims be strong, united and wise in serving Islam.

Sword of Khalid ibn Walid

The incidents of his life can make Iman strong in the hearts of all Muslims. Khalid bin Al-Waleed R was the hero of Islam.

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He led several battles and was always victorious. He conquered the apostates, especially Musailamah Al-Kadhab the Liar and restored order and peace to the Arabian Peninsula.

Khalid Bin Al-Waleed : Ibn Kathir :

He devised military tactics, which, by the help of Allah, made him defeat the huge Roman army. He was very tough with his enemies but at the same time very lenient with his brother Muslims. Price: Rs Author: Abdul Basith Ahmad. Author:-Abdul Basit Ahmad. Islamic Wear.

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