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Mingo, D.

  • Modelling electron-phonon interactions in graphene with curved space hydrodynamics.
  • Length-Scale Dependent Phonon Interactions;
  • Amartya Sen (Contemporary Philosophy in Focus).
  • Publications!

Stewart, D. Broido, L.

Modelling electron-phonon interactions in graphene with curved space hydrodynamics

Lindsay, W. Interaction of Thermal Phonons with Interfaces.

David Hurley, Subhash L. Back Matter Pages First book to cover phonon dispersion relations and phonon interactions at different length scales Discusses both theory and measurements of phonon transport and its relevance to materials properties Describes next- generation device designs from both the physics and the performance points of view Explores the science underlying nanoelectronics and nanomechanics.

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From the journal: RSC Advances. Essential role of enhanced surface electron—phonon interactions on the electrical transport of suspended polycrystalline gold nanofilms. This article is Open Access. Please wait while we load your content Something went wrong.

Multiscale Modeling of Materials - Michael Ortiz

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Back to tab navigation Download options Please wait Article type: Paper. DOI: Essential role of enhanced surface electron—phonon interactions on the electrical transport of suspended polycrystalline gold nanofilms T. Miao, D. Li, S. Shi, Z.

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  3. Length-Scale Dependent Phonon Interactions (Paperback).
  4. Non-Equilibrium Phonon Transport Across Nanoscale Interfaces.
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  6. Length-Scale Dependent Phonon Interactions.
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    Electron spin-phonon relaxation in quantum dots

    Physical chemistry. Solid state physics. Nanotechnology and Microengineering. Series: Topics in Applied Physics, Topics in applied physics, Contents: Preface -- Chapter 1: Theoretical Studies of Dimensionality and Symmetry Dependence of Phonons -- Chapter 2: Phonons in bulk and low-dimensional systems -- Chapter 3: Theories of Phonon Transport in Bulk and Nanostructed Solids -- Chapter 4: First-principles determination of phonon lifetimes, mean free paths, and thermal conductivities in crystalline materials: pure silicon and germanium -- Chapter 5: Ab Initio Thermal Transport -- Chapter 6: Interaction of thermal phonons with interfaces -- Chapter 7: Time-resolved phonon spectroscopy and phonon transport in nanoscale systems -- Chapter 8: Semiconductor superlattice sasers at terahertz frequencies: design, fabrication and measurement -- Chapter 9: Acoustic carrier transport in GaAs nanowires -- Index.